Leaf Pick-up Instructions


Leaf pick-up will be starting soon and will continue thru November weather permitting.  Please remember the following when utilizing our leaf pick-up service:


 Leaf Pick-up Instruction:

  • Place your leaves at the edge of the street.
  • Do not place directly in the street or covering any storm drains/catch basins.
  • Place leaves in a long narrow pile that extends across the width of your lot.
  • Do not place any material other than leaves in the pile. This includes grass, walnuts, chestnuts, branches and any other type of yard material that may damage the leaf vacuum. (If other materials are in your pile DPW will not be picking up your leaves).
  • Leaves will only be picked up once a day down your street. If you miss the pick-up, they will be picked up the next time the DPW workers are down your street.
  • M-71 residents must call to schedule a pick-up.


Leaves may still be taken to the compost lot located on W. Main St. (Compost Lot Resident Use Only)


Your patience and understanding is appreciated.


Leaves, Grass Clippings, and Snow on Streets

Depositing or blowing of these items on streets is prohibited and could lead to a misdemeanor citation.

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