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Department of Public Works

Superintendent - Trevor Graves

Assistant - Brad Smith

Phone:  989-288-2300

Something to Note

If you are buying or selling a home in the Village you will need to schedule a free sewer inspection with the Village prior to closing. If there are any violations they must be addressed and corrected prior to the closing date and re-inspected.

What to flush

In effort to keep our sanitary sewer working at full capacity please review the information at consumer reports by clicking here.  Some other items to keep in mind are pictured below. 

Snow Ordinance

 It is the responsibility of each property owner to clear all snow and ice from the sidewalk adjoining your property. State law and local ordinance mandate that snow is not to be shoveled or plowed into or across the roadway. All Business’ are asked to pile snow along the curb but not in the street or around the trees.


Please be a good neighbor and clear your sidewalks shortly after the snow/ice storm has passed. Or by 10:00 a.m. the following morning.


In the event of a snow storm, our DPW will clear all major streets first, secondary streets and alleys will follow. They  work long hours to keep our streets clear of snow and ice. Your patience and consideration is greatly appreciated during this time of year.


Leaf Pickup

Leaf Pickup will tentatively begin in October or November, weather permitting. Please remember the following when utilizing our leaf pickup service:

  • Place your leaves at the edge of the street
  • Do not place directly in the street or covering any storm drains/catch basin
  • Place leaves in a long narrow pile that extends across the width of your lot
  • Do not place any material other than leaves in the pile - This includes grass, walnuts, chestnuts, branches and any other type of yard material that may damage the leaf vacuum
  • M-71 residents must call to schedule a pick up
  • Scheduled days for pickup are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. DPW will work thru the village from one end to the other and repeat until leaves are done. If they are not able to pick up all the leaves that day they will pick up where they left off and move forward the next day of pickup.

Leaves may still be taken to the compost lot located on W. Main Street

Your patience and understanding during the season is appreciated. Thank you!


Correct placement for leaf pickup.                                                              Wrong way to place leaves for pickup.

Compost Lot


The compost lot is open for Village residents only from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  There is a list of contacts posted at entrance for after hours access. You may take stumps, vines, grass clippings, tree trimmings and any similar material to the lot. The lot is not to be used for any rubbish, building materials, railroad ties, rocks, concrete or any other non-degradable material. Please do not leave paper or plastic bags.