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Department of Public Works

Superintendent - Trevor Graves

Assistant - Brad Smith

Phone:  989-288-2300

What to flush

In effort to keep our sanitary sewer working at full capacity please review the information at consumer reports by clicking here.  Some other items to keep in mind are pictured below. 

Something to Note

If you are buying or selling a home in the Village you will need to schedule a free sewer inspection with the Village prior to closing. If there are any violations they must be addressed and corrected prior to the closing date and re-inspected.

Snow Ordinance

Sec. 54-39. Clearing sidewalks of snow and ice.

(a) Generally. The occupant of every lot or premises adjoining any street, or the owner of such lot or premises, if the same are not occupied, shall clear all ice and snow from sidewalks adjoining such lot or premises within the time herein required. When any snow or ice shall cease to fall during the daylight hours, such snow or ice shall be cleared from the sidewalks within 24 hours after cessation. Sidewalks fronting on Main Street between Duane and Church Streets that are zoned B-1 under the Village Zoning Ordinance shall be cleared of snow or ice by 10 am and shall be maintained free of snow or ice until 5 pm.

(b) Violation; penalty. If any occupant or owner shall neglect or fail to clear ice or snow from the sidewalk adjoining his premises within the time limited, or shall otherwise permit ice or snow to accumulate on such sidewalk, he shall be guilty of a violation of this article and, in addition, the village president may cause the same to be cleared and the expense of removal shall become a debt to the village from the occupant or owner of such premises, and shall be collected as any other debt to the village.

Snow Removal Policy

Snow Removal Policy

The Village of Vernon Department of Public Works provides snow and ice control services for 6.44 miles of Village streets which is made up of 2.89 miles of major streets and 3.55 miles of local streets.  M-71 is a state trunk line that is maintained by Shiawassee County. 

Major:   Main, Maple, Elm (Walnut to Maple), Washington (Maple to Walnut),  


            Local:     Chestnut, Church, Clinton, Duane, Elm, Leaver, (Maple to Sunnybrooke),

  Olive, Spring, State, Sunnybrooke, Water        


Snowplowing will commence when the opinion of the Department of Public Works Superintendent determines sufficient snow or ice exists to be a hazard to traffic.  The Village President and Village Police Department may also call in the Department of Public Works if they feel sufficient snow or ice exists to be a hazard to traffic.  Several factors are considered when deciding when to plow and salt, such as the amount and density of snow, wind speeds, drifting, temperature, duration of the storms, time the storm starts and ends, amount of time our drivers have been plowing and peak traffic times.  The DPW then performs the services on a prioritized basis that provides the most efficient and effective method to ensure the safety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic as follows: 

Priority 1:   Major streets.  These streets include emergency, school, and truck routes.

Priority 2:   Local streets.  All secondary residential streets.

Priority 3:   Alleys  

Priority 4:   Parking areas in business district and around municipal buildings.

Priority 5:   Sidewalks including any neglected by the property owner. 

        Reminder that any owner who fails to remove snow and ice from adjacent sidewalk will be in    

         violation of the code of ordinances and will be removed by the Village and billed to owner. 


Salt will be utilized on major streets and intersections only unless conditions warrant otherwise.   Salt is not effective in temperatures below 15 degrees and will not be utilized until temperatures allow.


Snow emergencies (including freezing rain and/or sleet) will be called by the Village President when severe conditions occur.  Residents will be notified via Village Website, Facebook, and ABC 12 news. 

Leaf Pickup

Leaf Pickup will tentatively begin in October or November, weather permitting. Please remember the following when utilizing our leaf pickup service:

  • Place your leaves at the edge of the street
  • Do not place directly in the street or covering any storm drains/catch basin
  • Place leaves in a long narrow pile that extends across the width of your lot
  • Do not place any material other than leaves in the pile - This includes grass, walnuts, chestnuts, branches and any other type of yard material that may damage the leaf vacuum
  • M-71 residents must call to schedule a pick up
  • Scheduled days for pickup are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. DPW will work thru the village from one end to the other and repeat until leaves are done. If they are not able to pick up all the leaves that day they will pick up where they left off and move forward the next day of pickup.

Leaves may still be taken to the compost lot located on W. Main Street

Your patience and understanding during the season is appreciated. Thank you!


Correct placement for leaf pickup.                                                              Wrong way to place leaves for pickup.

Compost Lot


The compost lot is open for Village residents only from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  There is a list of contacts posted at entrance for after hours access. You may take stumps, vines, grass clippings, tree trimmings and any similar material to the lot. The lot is not to be used for any rubbish, building materials, railroad ties, rocks, concrete or any other non-degradable material. Please do not leave paper or plastic bags.