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Vernon Businesses
Business Phone Website
Chase Bank 989-288-0925                                            Chase Bank 
Glaser's Lumber 989-288-2671 Glaser's Lumber
Greenwood Cemetery 989-288-4365  
Moonlight Studios 989-720-1136 Moonlight Studios
Post Office 989-288-4303 USPS
The Village Hair Shoppe & Spa                                              989-288-5741 Village Hair Shoppe 
The Leather Quill Shoppe
The Leather Quill Shoppe  
Vernon Area Florist 989-288-5092  
Vernon Garage 989-288-2917  
Vernon Hardware NAPA 989-288-2273  
Vernon Insurance Agency 989-288-2628  
Vernon Library 989-288-6486 Vernon Library
Vernon Outdoor Equipment 989-932-6202  
Church Name  Phone  Website
Faith Bible Church 989-288-3894                                            Faith Bible
Lighthouse Church of God                                                       989-288-3333                                     
Old Fashioned Baptist  
United Methodist Church 989-288-4187 United Methodist
School Phone Website
Nellie Reed Elementary                                                           989-288-4094                                              Corunna Public School